PACT physical therapy Dr Kara Shull pre and post operative rehabilittion

pre / post surgical rehabilitation



Post-surgical rehabilitation is as important as the surgery itself, allowing a physical therapist to constantly monitor your progress, coordinate with the surgeon and make changes to your rehabilitation when needed. 


Pre-surgical rehab (Prehab) is important in getting your muscles and joints ready for surgery so that you will recover quicker post-op. It is also beneficial to be educated on what to expect post-operatively and learning the exercises you will be doing after your surgery.

After your surgery your surgeon will have specific protocols to follow. Working in coordination with your surgeon or hospitals specific protocols, we will assist you to make your post-op recovery as smooth as possible.

Common surgeries we treat include:

  • Joint replacement - total knee, total hip, total shoulder

  • Knee - ACL reconstruction, meniscus repair, meniscectomy, lateral release

  • Shoulder – rotator cuff repair, acromioplasty, stabilisation, arthroscopic release, biceps tenodesis

  • Arthroscopies - hip, knee, ankle, shoulder

  • Spinal surgery - laminectomy, disc replacement, spinal fusion, foraminotomy, discectomy

  • Fractures