physical therapy combines various manual techniques with exercise programs designed to eliminate pain, restore function by improving range of motion, strength and flexibility and resolving injury provoking habits. 


Healthy, pain-free movement has a positive effect on both your body and your mind. Our team of physical therapists and exercise physiologists take a holistic approach to your recovery, creating personalized programs designed to aid healing and avoid future injury through dedicated, personalized treatment.
Upon your first visit, a physical therapist will create a customized plan of care based on an in-depth assessment of your injury and personal history. Our plan will encompass the right balance of manual therapy, functional mobility training, education, and exercise best suited for your injury and personal needs.
Based on your condition, sessions will include a variety of treatments such as soft tissue and joint mobilization, sports and deep tissue massage, functional mobility training, therapeutic exercise, strength training, manual stretching, and activity modulation. Treatment lasts for an hour, with time divided between physical therapy and private training with a exercise physiologist. We use evidence-based treatment measures to gauge your progress, helping you fully recover.
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Your time at PACT is just the beginning of your rehabilitation. Our team is dedicated to teaching you how - with the right tools- you can optimally perform the day-to-day activities that make up your life at home, work and everywhere in between. And if you need us in the future, we're here for you.

 "Amazing team of physical therapists who take great care and pride in creating a comfortable atmosphere for all clients. I never feel better, mentally and physically, than when I leave PACT and look forward to going back each week! "

- Taylor F.

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