pact Team

Our team takes a holistic approach to your recovery, creating personalized programs designed to aid healing and avoid future injury through dedicated, personalized treatment.

Clinton Courtney, PACT physical therapy, Major League Rugby MLR, MLR

Clinton Courtney, 

mcep, cscs

dr. Caitlin robertson, dpt,
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dr. john rivas, pt, dpt

Ben McNeil, PACT Physical Therapy, PACT NYC, Ben Mcneil

ben mcneil. 

bed, cscs

Edwin McPhee, PACT physical therapy, Major League Rugby MLR

edwin mcphee, 

billing manager

Darren Vella, PACT physical therapy, Movement 2 be, Major League Rugby MLR, MLR
darren vella, cscs
Mitch Winters, PACT physical therapy

mitch winters.

bhs, cscs

celeste Aguilera, PACT Physical Therapy, NYC

celeste aguilera. 

office manager

pact new york city