For over five years, through multiple surgeries and injuries Clinton has demonstrated tremendous skill, knowledge and professionalism. I am not sure where I would be without his help. In between mishaps, I see him weekly to attempt to avoid injury and keep myself functioning at the level he has helped me achieve.

Hugh, L

Clinton has been fantastic to work with for both physical therapy and personal training. I’ve been seeing him since 2010 and I can proudly say I’m in the best shape of my life.

Jai. A

I started working with Clinton three years ago, and he has changed my life. I was working out on my own, constantly injuring myself and not taking or knowing how to get to the next level. With Clinton’s constant encouragement, I feel better and look better and I couldn’t be happier.

Martin. K

My experience at PACT has been greatly beneficial to my recovery and subsequent training. Whether rehabbing from an injury or being guided through a training program, I am continually impressed by the professionalism and knowledge provided by the PACT team.

Kenneth. H

Angela. F

Chris and Clinton are dedicated, professional, and flexible for those with busy work schedules. They cater your needs and create an exercise regime that focuses on your injury. I had spinal fusion and came to see them. It’s been 3 months and I have never felt better. Thank you!

I received treatment and physical therapy from Clinton and Chris after a troublesome hernia operation. Before physical therapy, my recovery seemed too painful to begin exercising. I want to thank the team at PACT and especially Clinton for his outstanding assistance in getting me back in shape. Throughout the process Clinton made me feel like we were a team, while giving me the me confidence to push beyond my post-surgery limits.

George. Y

PACT is a terrific facility with excellent equipment and top-notch individual trainers.  I have seen great improvement working with Clinton, and most of the customers seem serious about accomplishing their goals.  Excellent physical therapy as well as training operation.

John. G

As a former competitive athlete, I thought I had checked all the boxes in terms of working out and feeling fit. After training with Clinton I felt stronger and more able than I did in my earlier days. He was able to take a look at my weaknesses and seamlessly blend them in with my workouts. It seemed the stronger I got, the more broad Clinton’s knowledge of fitness would grow as we did ever-evolving routines. 

Tommy. W

Jane. M

I began working with Clinton Courtney shortly after I turned 61. Over the past 6 years, Clinton has helped me achieve my initial fitness goals and move on to new levels of fitness.

When I started working out with Clinton, I had previously been diagnosed with osteoporosis. Lifting weights appropriate to my size and stamina level, I have built strength, endurance, and stabilized my bone loss. With aging there are new challenges, such as aging knees and arthritis in some joints. Clinton’s background and skill in rehabilitation has been a key factors in learning how to offset these limitations and continue the sports I love: kayaking, hiking, swimming, and cross country skiing. When I do have the occasional injury, I can count on Clinton to help me recover, rebuild strength safely and prevent similar injuries.

I highly recommend PACT Physical Therapy and the compassionate and knowledgeable team for all my injuries.