Training is much more than just building strength, and advancing your fitness level starts with the right techniques. We help you reach, maintain, and exceed your physical wellness goals.


The training process at PACT is broken down into 3 simple steps, becoming the base of each session, for every client.
We understand the importance of a customized program, that's why every client receives an in-depth evaluation by one of our exercise physiologists prior to commencement.
Our team works closely with you to create an individually tailored training regimen that will reduce stress, increase strength and enhance cardiovascular endurance. Whether you're training for athletic performance, flexibility or everyday wellness, we're here for you.
Each hour long private session will be spent challenging your body and mind, taking you to the next level. Your goals are our priority and we are dedicated to you every step of the way. Your body craves movement, why not start today.

"My experience at PACT has been greatly beneficial to my recovery and subsequent training. Whether rehabbing from an injury or being guided through a training program, I am continually impressed by the professionalism and knowledge provided by the PACT team."

 - Kenneth H.

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